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Nov 13, 2015 by JOHN KOZLOWSKI


Response: It was our pleasure! Thank you!!

Breathe better

Oct 31, 2015 by Sandra Eugene

It was all worth it thank you for your hard work

Response: Thank you!!

Skeptical No More

Oct 13, 2015 by Barbara Base

I have to admit that I was skeptical of duct cleaning companies but my allergies were so bad this year I was desperate! Dave and his son David did an amazing job, and explained everything they were doing. They spent almost the entire day and cleaned up afterward vacuumed the entire house and wouldn\'t leave until they were sure my heat was working. And I have to say my allergies are sooo much better. Don\'t hesitate to call them. I would recommend them to anyone!

Excellent Service! They are not your regular contractor. Thank you for raising the standards for the industry!

Sep 15, 2015 by Andrea L.

I had the ducts and dryer vent cleaned on a Thursday. I moved into my house in 2013 which was built in 1958 and I don\'t have any records if the ducts were cleaned before. Oh what an eye opening service. Dave and Dave Jr. are not your typical contractors.They treat your house as it was theirs. Carefully move around and get the job done as they promise, no cutting corners. They are very thorough and explaining the details while they do the job. They clean up after themselves and vacuum the whole room not just next to the vents. Thank you for making my house cleaner and for the fresh air. See you at the next scheduled cleaning which is recommended every 4-5 years for the heating/cooling system\'s ducts. Highly recommend them. Plan your day to stay home since this is a huge job, done right not in 1 hour. Thank you for raising the standards for the contractors.

Amazing and thorough duct cleaning

Sep 01, 2015 by Pooja B.

We highly recommend this father and son team to all families in need of duct work cleaning. We recently moved into a home and quickly realized that the ducts had never been serviced. They were in terrible condition and we were breathing in all of this unclean air. With a young toddler, this was a big concern that needed to be addressed as soon as possible. Dave and David were not only professional and thorough, they were also honest and personable. Many companies would claim that they could do the job in a few hours- but this team spent the whole day making sure that the job was done correctly- even sending me photos along the way to show me the state of the existing vents. I am so grateful that we found Dave and his son to help us. Thank you!

Dryer Duct Cleaning

Aug 31, 2015 by Meryl P.

I am super lucky that I found this team. They came to fix my dryer vent the same day I called. They left my laundry room neat, they were reasonable, professional and personable. I would definately call them again and I'd highly recommend their service.

Fantastic Job!

Aug 23, 2015 by Fred Corona

Dave and his son David spent the day at our home yesterday. They did a thorough, professional job at a very reasonable cost. They explained what they were doing and showed my wife and I all they removed from our ducts and filters. It was amazing! I recommend that if you haven't done this in your home yet, do it at once. You will see an appreciable difference. I had it done 15 years ago by another company. There is no comparison between them and Affordable Ductworx! Thanks, Dave and David!

Air Duct Cleaning

Jun 25, 2015 by Jacquelyn S

The team was thorough, professional and knowledgeable. I was hesitant to get my air ducts cleaned because of how many scammers are out there. However, ADW used a camera to show me the interior of my ducts before AND after cleaning them to prove that they did the work promised. Our air conditioner runs much cooler now and the air quality is much better. If you're looking for a company you can trust to clean your ducts, you won't be disappointed with these guys. Bonus: they were thorough and cleaned up after themselves! I've already recommended them to my boss, family members and friends.

Great job and outstanding service!

May 22, 2015 by Bill Rust

I cannot say enough good things about these guys. Dave and his son provide a level & quality of service that\'s hard to find nowadays. They were polite, conscientious and thoroughly explained their duct cleaning process. We discovered the ducts in our recently purchased 1950\'s ranch had never been cleaned. These folks thoroughly removed 60 yrs worth of gunk accumulated in our system and left no mess behind. There was A LOT of material and they left no debris/mess behind. They also replaced all the return and register covers with new ones I had purchased in advance (per their suggestion during our first phone call). Dave took digital photos documenting what they found and emailed them to me for our records. During the course of their service, they discovered several damaged/missing sections of ductwork that had been missed during the home inspection and brought it to our attention. This was all done efficiently and quickly with a minimum of disturbance to our household.
Their price was quite reasonable, especially considering the amount of material clogging our system. Great job and outstanding service!

Response: Thank you so much!! It was a pleasure serving you!!

Outstanding Job

Apr 25, 2015 by Priscilla O

What an exceptional job Dave and Dave Jr. did on my vent system and furnace. They were professional, courteous, and committed to doing an outstanding job. Never did I feel they rushed anything or cut corners. They worked systematically and thoroughly. After they left, I noticed the house warmed up more quickly, and the air felt cleaner. I'm ecstatic with the results.

Response: Thank you. It was our pleasure!! Thank you for lunch, too! That was very kind of you!!

Great Experience! Great Price!

Apr 22, 2015 by Nichole Arnhold

I contacted Affordable Ductworx to get our dryer vent cleaned and they came out the very same day! Dave and Dave Jr. arrived on time and got right to work. They were extremely knowledgable, personable, and professional! They answered all of our questions and were very thorough. The price was also very affordable! I researched quotes from other companies prior to calling and their prices were outrageous compared to AD. I would highly recommend them to anyone and I look forward to using their services again! Dave and Dave Jr. make a great father and son team!

Response: It was our pleasure!! Thank you!

Excellent Duct Cleaning

Apr 17, 2015 by Donna

The Father and Son team of The Affordable Ductworx Air System Cleaning are amazing! They did a very thorough cleaning of my air conditioning ducts, coil and dryer vent. Every piece of equipment was cleaned and now looks like new again. I was very impressed with their work and would highly recommend them to all of my friends and family. We now have the piece of mind knowing that our AC will be blowing clean air once again.

Response: Thank you! We appreciate your business!!

Great Experience

Apr 06, 2015 by bob cox

Dave and his son came originally to clean our dryer vent. they were there within two days of calling. they were right on time and did a great job explaining each part of the process. afterwards, I asked for an estimate to clean the air ducts. the estimate was prompt and accurate. it was a two day job and scheduling was very flexible. they did a great job and cleaned up very well. my wife is a stickler for cleanliness so the house had to be left clean and it was! both guys were professional, courteous and all round good guys! highly recommended.

Response: Thank you for choosing Affordable Ductworx for your air system cleaning needs! We truly appreciate your business!

Dryer vent cleaning

Mar 27, 2015 by Karen

Affordable Ductworx came to clean my dryer duct and my sons! Dave and his son arrived promptly and did a awesome job! Both our dryer ducts were in need of servicing! We were explained on the proper filter to use that actually saves you so much money! They cleaned up the excess dust and mess from the ducts! Their price was so reasonable we will definately recommend Affordable Ductworx! Thank you Dave!

Response: It was our pleasure!! Thank you!!

Duct cleaning

Mar 08, 2015 by Dave

Guys did an amazing job. Really cleaned my condo's ducts. They washed and vacuumed the motor. They cleaned up the entire place when they were done. They put in a lot of time to clean up all the dust at a very fair price. They also did my washer and dryer which my association requires. Even better was they educated me on what filter to get as the filter I was using was garbage and would cost me more over the long run. I also would recommend Affordable Ductworx to my friends.

Response: It was our pleasure serving you! Thanks!!

Air Duct Cleaning

Mar 06, 2015 by Nicole Duncan

I have to give it to these guys. I have been getting my vents cleaned with Sears for the past 10 years. The Sears people just put the whip hose in the vents and hit them from the inside to loosen the dust.. you are lucky if they even vacuum it away. They would leave dust on my bed, floor etc... anywhere the vent was located. Affordable Ductworx (Dave and David) actually open a line straight into your main vent line and hook a vacuum straight to the unit itself. They were here for 9 hours literally cleaning each vent. Sears people were in and out within an hour. I can't believe I paid them for the past ten years and the job was not even completed properly. Affordable Ductworx truly cleans your air vents!!! I will be recommending them to everyone. The price may seem a little high, but it's really done the right way and totally worth every penny!!!

Response: Thank you!!!


Feb 18, 2015 by Jackie Wollner

So nice and professional! Such a pleasure to work with! I will deff use them again 🙂

Response: We truly appreciate our customers. They are the best!!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Feb 18, 2015 by Mary Rae Wollner

Affordable Ductworx did a fantastic job for us. They made needed repairs and took a great deal of pride in a job very well done. Would recommend them to everyone. Job well done Dave - pleasure to have you do the work.

Response: It was our pleasure!! Thank you so much!!

Excellent Duct Cleaning

Feb 16, 2015 by Lori

I had called Dave along with 2 other contractors to look at ducts in a unit that our Association was renting to a tenant who had breathing issues. Dave & his son were the only ones who actually took ducts off & checked equipment to see what the situation was, instead of just talking & pointing at everything. Their price was fair & they set up an appt with the tenant at the tenants convenience to do the work. The tenant was very happy with the job they did, they were very professional, neat & clean.

Response: We try to do the best job possible for all of our customers! Thank you for making us #1.

Air duct

Feb 09, 2015 by Alfred

Friendly, reasonable price and great work!!

Response: Thank you for your compliments!!

Dryer Vent

Jan 28, 2015 by Nicole D

Thought my dryer was going to go on fire. Needed someone ASAP! Called them that day and they were here in a couple hours. They did a great job. Very professional. Will be recommending to everyone. Will be scheduling an air vent cleaning as well!! Will post that result when completed.

Response: It was our pleasure!! Thank you for the repeat business! So glad we could make our customers happy!!


Jan 13, 2015 by Jill J

I called Affordable Ductworx on Dec 15th, they stopped by for an estimate on the 16th and serviced our system on the 18th. I was impressed with their professionalism and dedication. They worked ALL day at my house and did not take ONE break until they were finished 6 hours later! when they were finished, you would not have even known they were there in the first place. They vacuumed and put every piece of furniture back in it's original place. I would highly recommend Dave and David to anyone. They treat your home like it was their own.

Response: It was our pleasure serving you!! Thanks!!!

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Jan 07, 2015 by Steve

I called on a weekend and they were able to make it as soon as I wanted them to. They showed up ontime, cleaned my vents and showed me the result. After telling them I just got my vents cleaned not to long ago, I've come to the conclusion that the previous company did a poor job on cleaning the vents. Do it right the first time, get these guys!

Response: Thank you!!!

Honest n thorough!

Jan 05, 2015 by Jason VanDerWende

Dave and Dave were awesome.... Came in did a thorough job and showed me how dirty my vents were when opened up.. Once finished they showed me how clean they were... Def recommend these guys to anyone you get what you pay for and they are extremely reasonable and thorough. It\'s hard these days to find someone who\'s not out to screw you... Dave n Dave are two honest hard working guys....

Thanks again Dave n Dave

Response: We truly have the most awesome clients!! Thank you!!!

Awesome and affordable

Jan 04, 2015 by Tracey

Dave and David were great to work with, very honest, and did an exceptional job with our duct work. They left the house clean and took pride in what they do. I also just ran into young David at the bowling alley, and he came right up to me and asked how everything was, including asking about my family. I was impressed he remembered me and things we discussed. Rather refreshing since most young adults spend more time looking at their phones than the people they are speaking with. Would highly recommend this father/son team to anyone considering duct work cleaning.

Response: Thank you for your review!!

Affordable Ductworx 855-663-4789 6 Buckingham Ct Newton NJ, 07860 USA 5.0 5.0 108 108 Took great care of my rather old A/C unit. Left everything clean and spotless and running beautifully!

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