Air System Cleaning

We got scammed before. Don’t let it happen to you!

What To Watch Out For

Watch out for companies advertising extremely low prices in the form of a coupon. As many have learned the hard way, these coupons are a total scam, we are sorry to say. Companies offering such coupons are just trying to get in your door, where they then up-sell you on all the necessary and unnecessary services which are not included.  On the coupons they do not mention that it will not cover crucial parts of the system that must be cleaned for the system to be properly cleaned. The coil and air handler is a major part of the system. It is crucial that it be free of contaminants in order to perform properly. This is usually an extra charge averaging $400.00 or more. There is no point in having your ducts cleaned if the entire system is not fully cleaned. All of the debris left behind, if not removed, will just be re-circulated, causing all the ducting to be re-contaminated. On top of that, the $89.00 coupon only covers around 10 supply and return vents. Realistically most houses average anywhere from 15-25 supply and return vents. Each extra vent is an additional charge. Not to mention it is also an extra charge to get the dryer vent cleaned, which is a leading cause of house fires in the United States. By the time you are all said and done that $89.00 coupon that you thought was a “great deal”  just turned into an average of $800.00+.

Ask that company how long they expect to be working  on your system. Most companies will tell you they will only need an hour and a half. No full service can be properly performed in that time frame. Our full service cleanings  take anywhere from 4-8 hours, it is not because we are slow, it’s because we are thorough! Now ask if they will give you a video inspection prior to, and upon completion. Most likely the answer will be “no”. Now ask yourself, why not? What are they trying to hide? Each of our full service cleanings include all of the above at no additional cost, and we will provide you with a video confirmation. We refuse to use those gimmicks just to get our foot in your door!

To learn more, watch Part 2 of NBC Dateline’s Bait & Switch special.

Proper Air System Cleaning Procedure

  • Visually inspect system, using a video camera that travels throughout ducting
  • Remove and clean all register covers
  • Connect a high powered negative air vacuum
  • Use either a high pressure air whip, and/or Cobra Power Brush to clean each return and supply line
  • Clean all main trunk lines
  • Clean A/C coil(s)
  • Fog system using sanitizer and deodorizer
  • Visually inspect system again to ensure a thorough cleaning
  • Replace register covers
  • Install new air filter (electrostatic filter available at customer’s request)
  • Operate system to ensure everything runs properly before leaving

Check out our full cleaning process for more information

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