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Regular air filter cleaning to keep you focused on your business.




Air Filter Cleaning Service

Let Affordable Ductworx provide this service for you, plus make a dramatic change to your indoor air quality. Using our lifetime-guaranteed electrostatic air filters, we will make a convenient, pre-scheduled visit to your place of business, to clean your air filter(s) on a regular basis.

The price of this service varies depending on the number of filters present and the amount of time the service may take. As with any of our services, estimates are prompt and free. Call us and we will make your air system more efficient, ensure the cleanings are done when they should be, and save you the time doing this chore.

We will also, on an annual or bi-annual basis, provide a video inspection of your supply duct lines and air handling units.

1 Time Service

  • Cleaning Of Electrostatic Filters
  • Schedule An Appointment
  • Good For 1 Service (1 Cleaning)
  • Good For 1 Year Of Service (6 Cleanings)

1 Year Service

  • Cleaning Of Electrostatic Filters
  • Schedule An Appointment Every 2 Months
  • Good For 1 Year Of Service (6 Cleanings)

Our Air Filter Cleaning Service Has Many Benefits

Better Air Quality

No more forgetting to change, or clean, your filters on a regular basis. You get better air quality and air system efficiency.

Better Filtration

We use electrostatic air filters as opposed to regular paper or fiber filters. Our filters have a much better filtration ability while maintaining excellent airflow.

Saves Time & Money

Switching to our electro-static pad and frame system usually only requires bi-monthly or quarterly service versus a monthly service. This saves you time and money!

No More Forgotten Filter Changes

We will set you up on a convenient, regular schedule to clean your filter(s) providing you with peace of mind and ensuring you continue to enjoy cleaner air to breathe.

Environmentally Friendly

Our filters are permanent and washable so we keep disposable air filters out of the landfills!


We do all the work – no more climbing dangerous ladders to change filters on rooftops, in attics or ceiling returns.


Low competitive pricing.

Free Annual Inspection

Free annual, or bi-annual, video inspection of your air system which provides the technician and homeowner a live feed of the actual conditions which exist in the ducting system.

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