What Is Air Duct Cleaning?

Air duct cleaning refers to the cleaning of the inside of residential and commercial HVAC systems.  Air ducting carries heat and air conditioning throughout the entire structure. It is often referred to as the respiratory system of your home or workplace.

How Long Does The Process Take To Have My System Cleaned?

Affordable Ductworx does not believe in skipping a single step when cleaning an air system. Our trained technicians will ensure that your entire system is cleaned properly and thoroughly. Each job is treated as its own as every residential and commercial air system is not the same. It is impossible to estimate the exact amount time your structure will take to clean, however, we can assure you that it will be done properly and to your satisfaction.  Affordable Ductworx, unlike our competitors, uses only state of the art, high-powered equipment as recommended by the NADCA.

What If Your Home Is New?

Believe it or not, even newly constructed buildings could have a dirty system. During the course of construction, contractors will run the HVAC system to either heat or cool the worksite resulting in debris and dust being distributed throughout the entire system. We can clean the system resulting in a clean environment and a more efficient system.

Why Should I Have My Air Conditioning Coils Cleaned?

The coil is located behind a filter and resembles a radiator through which the air passes in order to be cooled. Over time, dirt and grime can clog the coil. A clogged coil causes the air conditioning unit to run much less efficiently, in turn costing you more money to cool your home. Dirty coils also cause your system to work harder  thereby causing more frequent system breakdowns.

Will Cleaning My HVAC System Improve Its Performance?

A system that is dirty restricts air flow. Restricted air flow causes uneven temperature distribution resulting in hot and cold areas           throughout the structure. A dirty system may never heat or cool your home to your complete satisfaction. A dirty air system must work harder to keep your home comfortable. This will eventually cause the premature failure of system components and shorten the life of your system.  Proper cleaning of your entire system will restore the performance of your equipment. Many people who believe they may need to replace their HVAC Unit are pleased to learn that it only needed a proper cleaning. Having your equipment   cleaned can save you between $5,000 and $10,000 in replacement costs.

Why Should My Air Ducts Be Cleaned?

Air systems recirculate air from within the house and over time, dirt, allergens and mold make their way into your system and then are constantly recirculated into all rooms. cleaning the ducts will not only help you breathe easier, it will also help reduce energy consumption cost and help make your heating and air conditioning systems run more efficient. Lastly, cleaning the system will help keep your building from constantly collecting dust. And because it’s DIRTY!!!

How Do I Know If My System Needs To Be Cleaned?

First, if your system has never been cleaned or it has been several years since your last cleaning, there is a good chance you need a cleaning. We will provide a visual inspection using our full-color video inspection system that travels throughout the ducting giving you a view of your current system condition. There is no charge or obligation for this service. If you do not need a cleaning we will tell you that. Plain and simple!!

How Often Should My HVAC System Be Cleaned?

Affordable Ductworx recommends cleaning your entire HVAC system: air handler, evaporator coil, condenser coil, air ducts and         blower motor every two to three years. The US Department of Energy recommends that you check and/or clean the blower motor and air conditioning coils annually.

Do All Companies Clean The Air Conditioning Coils In Your Units?

Many air duct cleaning companies do not always clean your  furnace and air conditioning coils. Most do not have the training or the equipment to do so. Others that do address coil cleaning merely wipe off the surface, hoping you will not notice that they did not even clean the debris that is embedded between the fins. We thoroughly clean your air conditioning coils as part of our full service  package. In reality, it makes little sense to forego cleaning the coil, as it will only result in the dirt and dust being recirculated  throughout your home and contaminating everything that was just previously cleaned.

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