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We are a professional Air System Cleaning company on a mission to provide clean air for everyone. We do things differently than most companies in this business. We believe that every home and business deserves the same quality cleaning. We won’t just walk in, clean your air ducts, and leave; we educate our customers! When we are done cleaning your air system, you will know:

  1. How your system works
  2. What components are involved
  3. How often they need to be maintained or replaced

Affordable Ductworx is your professional and reliable solution for improving the quality of air in your home or business.

Rest assured, we are 100% insured!

Our Story

We began this business after using a nationally known company to clean our own system and were scammed to the tune of nearly $900 for an incomplete, poor workmanship service. This company utilized an 8 foot length of air hose, didn’t cover the other registers, to allow all the vacuum to be drawing from the one being cleaned, and were finished in an hour and a half. We inspected the system after they finished and found the system to be just as dirty after they left as it was before! This is what inspired us to enter this business and prevent this type of scam from happening to other people.

Meet Our Tecnicians


I am married with 5 children. I retired after 28 years in law enforcement and became very interested in providing honest customer service to people who desire a cleaner environment at home and at work. My son and I are dedicated to providing the very best service to our clients for an affordable price!

Dave Jr.

Dave Jr. is a hard working, motivated, young man with a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He enjoys working with his hands and is an integral part of the team at Affordable Ductworx. He has a great moral compass and puts his all into his work. He also enjoys working side by side with his father as they build the company and their clientele. You will be amazed at how clean your air system will be after this service is completed.

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