Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dry vent cleaning can have a major impact on the safety and health of your home. Your dryer vents may be easy to forget, but cleaning them regularly is an important part of ensuring that your home is clean and safe for your entire family.

Laundry is a huge hassle no matter the size of the family in your home. Some want clothes dried while some like to hang their clothes. While we often clean the dryer lint filter, homeowners often forget to clean the actual vent after the filter. Some homes have a laundry vent that goes out the wall to the outside, while some have one that goes to the roof of the attic., also preparing your attic is essential, see it here.

How do you clean the dryer vent that goes to the roof? There are a few ways. You can use a plastic garbage bag, go on the ladder to the roof and remove the dryer vent screen. You can also pull the dryer away from the wall and vacuum it and use a specific type of brush. It is a multi-step process that you may be able to do on your own or need to call a professional for assistance, you can also check this similar sites like https://www.air-duct-cleaning.co.uk/cleaning/deep-clean for more info.

Some of the warning signs that your dryer vent may be blocked or obstructed include:

Excess lint behind the dryer

Clothes taking longer to dry

No lint on the lint screen

Excess lint or pet hair on clothing

Lint around the door seal

Unusually hot dryer and clothing

Moldy smell

There are risks with ignoring these warning signs and not properly cleaning dryer vents. These risks include:

Home fire. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) warns that malfunctioning or poorly maintained clothes dryers and washing machines are one of the leading causes of home fires

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. Gas dryers where the vents are blocked, obstructed, or not properly maintained can cause carbon monoxide to build up in the home

Chem-Dry offers professional Dryer Vent Cleaning using specialized equipment including cameras and powerful extraction equipment to completely clean your dryer vents.

The Chem-Dry Dryer Vent Cleaning process provides many benefits, including:

Improved Home & Family Safety. Regular cleaning helps to reduce the risk of fire, mold growth, and carbon monoxide build-up.

Cost Savings. Improve the efficiency of your dryer and you can lower energy costs. You’ll also benefit from having fewer repairs or needing replacement parts.

Time Savings. Along with lower costs, your clothes won’t take as long to dry with clean vents, giving you back time in your day.

Longer Clothing Life. Shorter drying times mean less wear and damage to clothes per drying cycle.

Mold Growth. Blocked or obstructed dryer vents can’t effectively remove moisture as designed, causing moisture to be released into the home and possibly resulting in mold growth

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